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Gotcha Sprayer Pro, GSP0205

Gotcha Sprayer Pro, GSP0205

$33.50 $30.99
Date Added: Monday 06 August, 2018

by Ed Redmond

I ordered this product on Sunday and received it on Thursday. Denise from 4Most Innovations E-mailed me with all of the tracking info when the product shipped. Every year the eves of my barn end up being a nesting place for Yellow jackets . This year they found a crack in the eve and nested inside. I call my exterminator and asked how much to come out and remediate this issues the cost was going to be in excess of $200.00. For 1/2 that price I was able to purchase this tool and for a few dollars more I purchased some Bee powder. The length of the pole worked out perfect for my needs It allows me to reach up and apply product and keep my distance from the nest . I was pleased with the quality of the pole, the Gotcha Sprayer and bellows. Fully extended there was no sagging or swaying of the pole the extra-long cord attached to the trigger worked out perfect. Within one day of application the activity of the Yellow jackets is nonexistent.

Like most people I am always hesitant of buying products off the Web. I would recommend this product and 4Most Innovations Kudos to a good product at a fair price

Ed Redmond

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