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Gotcha Sprayer Pro, GSP0205

Gotcha Sprayer Pro, GSP0205

$33.50 $30.99
Date Added: Saturday 15 September, 2018

by James Hukill

I bought the Gotcha 25 ft. pole with sprayer, scraper and flashlight. It reached the most remote areas of my roof peaks where yellow jackets had built nests. Sprayed 8 of them. I had been trying to kill the nests by getting on a ladder and trying to spray them with a spray can with a 10 ft.spray range. They got me many times before I could get off the ladder. I did this two different weeks and got stung both times. Well, I found the Gotcha Sprayer on line and used it the first day to kill all the nests, even the highest that I could not reach before and did not get stung even once. However, when I was done, I put the pole on my workbench and it fell off breaking the part that held the spray can. I tried to epoxy it with no luck. I wrote a letter to the Gotcha folks requesting a new part and offering to pay with a credit card when they called me at the phone # given. Surprise! They sent me a new part at no charge. Great people and great service.</p>

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