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  • 23rd Jun 2020


    "We have used many different systems over the past 15 years and I can assure you that you have the most versatile, efficient, and cost -effective system for the pest control professionals."…

    Published by Cris

  • 23rd Jun 2020


    "The Gotcha Sprayer is amazing - as someone who is extremely allergic to bee and wasp stings, it is great to have an extra advantage when dealing with wasp nests"…

    Published by Don

  • 23rd Jun 2020


    "I was very impressed with the quality of the sprayer."…

    Published by Andy

  • 23rd Jun 2020


    "I Love it. It's such a simple and easy to use design and your pricing is wonderful."…

    Published by Karen

  • 23rd Jun 2020


    "The Gotcha Sprayer worked exactly as advertised and saved me from having to hire a professional."…

    Published by Ed